End Times Prophet totally exposed the illuminati script for End Times. But who echoed it?

Jun 13, 2009

End Times Irony: Hillary Clinton becomes the second to echo the Ahmadinedjad Hoax, first exposed by Prophet

Why it is no wonder that one of the simple truths about Illuminati End Times was first "echoed" (other than by Kyoon) by Hillary Clinton.

End Time Paradoxes: Iluminati echoing the SIMPLE TRUTH

The simple Truth is the ultimate rarity in Illuminati End Times. At the end of the age, society in Illuminatiziland is reduced to ONE big sect, where the guru is in fact another sect, the illuminati.

That is the first reason why nobody but one, Kyoon,  echoed the horrible yet simple truth.

Part of that simple Truth is the fact that the illuminati religion requires, at the end, the illuminati to tell that horrible yet simple truth as openly as possible to the members of the big sect, alias "human cattle". (1)

Hillary Clinton becomes the second to echo one of the simple truths: Ahmadinedjad is an illuminati agent

Today Hillary Clinton becomes the second person to echo what End Times Prophet first exposed about Ahmadinedjad (2), and after was echoed only by one (3), stating that "I HOPE that the results reflect the will of Iranians", AFTER the manufactured "results" transforming 35% of Ahmadinedjad  votes into a 65%. victory. (4)

"Coincidentally" the same  Hillary Clinton mentioned by another simple truth: the last face of the last antichrist BushClinton. (5)

(1) Illuminati Religion explained only by Prophet


(2) As of today 8 out of 10 results of first page are from Prophet, two (savethemales) from CIA Disinfo.


(3) End Time Information Process, for dummies - five entities and three steps:


(4) Illuminati agent Ahmadinejad forced to steal election from Moussavi, as predicted by Prophet

(5) #1, for now more than TWO years:


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